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Surya Pharma Ayush Kwath has Powerful Ingredients which are well known to boost immunity against Flu, Viral Infections etc.


  • This is an easy and effective herbal concoction to strengthen the immune system and make it able to fight illnesses
  • Immunity is a protective shield that keeps infections, viruses and illnesses at bay. Regular consumption of these would help you to stay secured from autoimmune diseases

Why faith in surya

A Pioneer manufacturer of herbal and Ayurvedic research products.

A care over the green products of homo sapiens.

A harmony between science and nature.

Bring the latest milestone.

It only provides judicious and ideal combinations – Quality and Quantity.

Based on firm scientific background and experiences.

Actively working for a healthier world.

Aiming for the best quality medicines with holistic approach without any side effects and toxic effects.

We do not compromise the efficiency. Quality is our Moto.

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    It’s very interesting! If you need help, look here: ARA Agency


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